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Features Pro
$4.08 per user/mo
$8.25 per user/mo
$0 per user/mo
Download Free
Features Pro
$4.08 per user/mo
$8.25 per user/mo
$0 per user/mo
Download Free
User, Team & License Management
One user license for all machines & OSes
Maximum Users 10 Unlimited 1
Maximum Teams 1 Unlimited
One Team Renewal Date;
New Team Members are Prorated
Cloud-Based User Accounts Managed via Default
Self-Hosted User Accounts Managed On-Premises
(10 user minimum)
Stand-Alone (No Server Option) Requires User Key
(10 user minimum)
Repository Access
Work with public & private repos Public Only
Open Multiple Repos with Tabs
Multiple profiles  For switching between work/personal repos or multiple repo
Social Login/Single-Sign On
Git GUI Productivity
In-app merge conflict tool
In-app merge conflict output editor
In-app code editor
Gitflow support
File history & blame
View & create pull requests
Hiding & soloing
Auto-Gen SSH key
Git hooks support
Interactive rebase mode
One-click undo & redo Git operations
Fuzzy finder
GPG commit signing
Keyboard shortcuts
Dark & light themes
Cloud Repo Integrations integration integration integration
Azure DevOps
Self-Hosted/Managed Repo Integrations
GitHub Enterprise
GitLab Self-Managed
Bitbucket Server
Issue & Project Board Integrations  All plans are able to create branches from issues. Paid plans also allow you to create/edit/comment on issues.
Jira Server/Cloud View Only
GitHub/GitHub Enterprise View Only
GitLab/GitLab Self-Managed View Only
Trello View Only
GitKraken Boards View Only
Guaranteed email support
Support Documentation
Education & Training Resources for Learning Git

Pricing FAQs

How much is GitKraken?

GitKraken offers three pricing tiers, all with varying costs.

  • GitKraken: Free
  • GitKraken Pro: $4.08 per user/month
  • GitKraken Enterprise: $8.25 per user/month

The GitKraken Suite is the best value for the GitKraken Git GUI, GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines.

Is GitKraken free for commercial use?

No, GitKraken is not free for commercial use.

The free GitKraken Git GUI can be used with publicly-hosted repositories. If you are working with privately-hosted repositories, you will need a paid GitKraken license.

Does GitKraken install Git?

No, GitKraken does not require you to install Git on your machine.

Can GitKraken be installed on multiple machines?

Yes, one user license allows you to install GitKraken on multiple machines and operating systems.

Are there GitKraken student discounts available?

Yes, students can receive GitKraken Pro free through the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Are there discounts for educational institutions or teachers?

Yes, teachers can receive GitKraken Pro free through the GitHub Teacher Toolbox.

Universities may also request GitKraken Stand-Alone if your educational institution has a computer lab.

What is the refund policy for GitKraken?

You may request a full refund within 2 weeks of your trial expiration or your GitKraken renewal date.

Is there a GitKraken trial version?

Yes, the free download of GitKraken comes with a 7-day trial of all the paid features and can be extended by 21 days if you create an Organization.

Is GitKraken compatible with MacOS, Linux, and Windows?

Yes, GitKraken is a cross-platform Git client that provides a nearly identical experience across operating systems. One user license allows you to install GitKraken on multiple machines and operating systems.

Developers can work together using GitKraken across platforms, allowing individual team members the ability to choose the OS they prefer, and are likely most productive on, without affecting team collaboration.

What is GitKraken Enterprise?

GitKraken Enterprise is a popular plan designed to scale with organizations of any size, especially teams larger than 10-25 members. The capabilities of this plan make it easier to manage user licenses and enterprise authentication methods as your teams grow.

In addition to all of the features included in GitKraken Pro, GitKraken Enterprise offers flexible license management options including: cloud-based accounts, stand-alone clients with user keys, and self-hosted accounts with LDAP.

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